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KAH Insurance Brokerage has an integral relationship with Association and Franchise program departments within various highly rated insurance companies. These relationships enable our office to develop discounted insurance programs that are custom tailored to any association or franchise chain's specifications with coverage enhancements that may not be available anywhere else in the country. Because of the identical insurable interests within the association and franchise community, it affords us the opportunity to standardize an aggressive rating system. This system will encompass a simplified quotation procedure with an entire experience history development.

After extensive research and months of development, our office is now the Exclusive Agency offering a National Franchise Food Program nationwide. This program can be customized to meet any operator's coverage needs or franchise lease agreement. Our rates are extremely aggressive and our quotation service is simplified and expedient. This program is offered through an A rated insurance company and has already been tailored to meet many well known existing franchise chain lease requirements.

Our office is familiar with loss control and incident reporting within this industry, and has recently created an "Interactive Claims System" that enables our staff to track and minimize the level of fraudulent occurrences reported. Insurance companies are known to post high reserves for incidents that may result in a claim. This procedure is costly and in many cases, may never result in a legitimate claim. However, insurers count these posted reserves against your experience which increases your premium. Our "Interactive Claims System" was developed to minimize unnecessary reserve posting by insurers in order to stabilize premiums.