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health Insurance

It is the goal of KAH Insurance Brokerage to provide our clients with a wide array of quality insurance products and services. We analyze and report on products within our client's needs. Accordingly, KAH developed a complete menu of insurance products for your selection.

Health insurance is one of the most costly and unpredictable forms of insurance that "Corporate America" demands in this current economic climate. With complex changes in today's health care system, it is more important than ever to choose a firm that has the knowledge and experience to competently provide assistance in making an educated decision. KAH is dedicated to providing our clients with a "Window To The Market". Our clients receive a complete charting of all comprehensive health insurance products available in their area with a complete cost and benefit analysis.

We believe that product and benefit selections are only the first significant steps towards selecting a viable health insurance program. The second step and probably the most important is Customer Service. That's why KAH provides staffing for immediate claims and procedure assistance. Whether you have a small business with a fully insured program, or a Fortune 500 company with a partially self insured program, our customer service staff is at your disposal. Our staff will assist in tracking outstanding claims, benefit eligibility, basic coverage questions, procedural assistance, and physician referral services.

Small business owners receive a complete listing of various insurance programs with the most aggressive pricing and benefit summaries available through highly rated insurance companies. Larger business owners who wish to evaluate the possibilities of partial self-insurance, will receive a complete cost and benefit analysis expressing claims utilization by their employees and shock claims incurred with past insurers. This analysis includes various graphs that will present a visual interpretation of claim trends with benefit recommendations so that the prospects of self-insurance may be seen as a complete picture for potential cost containment.