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With our McDonald's corporate-approved insurance program, more profits are in store for you.

By designing an insurance plan exclusively for your McDonald's, KAH will help you reduce your premiums and maximize your profitability.

A full menu of ways to help you.

KAH offers unmatched, comprehensive insurance services. The result for you is more for less - more coverage, better coverage, with competitive premiums!

Serving up the most value for your money.

KAH is your business partner, internally managing your entire insurance program through our central reporting office. We process everything so you don't have to. With our unique Interactive Claims System , KAH protects you against frivolous or fraudulent claims. We scrutinize each claim to make sure it's legitimate. We deal with all parties, including suppliers, contractors and law firms. And we continually keep you up-to-date, providing monthly reports on all claim activity.

May we take your order?

KAH wants to show you how we can prevent insurance costs from eating away at your profits. For more information and a quote for your next policy term, please advance your McDonald's standard quote request application to:

KAH Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
510 Broadhollow Road - Suite 210
Melville , NY 11747

Phone (631) 271-1721 x11
Fax (631) 271-1703
Email Ldiprima@kahinsurance.com